My life story Part 1

I hardly know where to start and partly because I have blocked so many of my childhood memories. I am the second child in the family. I have an older sister and 3 younger sisters and 4 brothers. Here is all of my family but one sister, one sister in law, 2 nieces and 1 nephew.27747934_10155954738522177_7158917196271027664_o

I grew up in a very conservative home in the Old German baptist church. We moved a lot and my dad was a truck driver. I was homeschooled all my years and hated it. I was born in Ohio and moved to Indiana when I was 8 because my parents couldn’t homeschool legally in Ohio at that point. We lived in a very old house in Ohio that my grandparents eventually remodelled and then lived in. When I was young one of the main memories I have of that house was when the bathroom ceiling caved in when I was in the bathtub! It was rather traumatic!  The other main thing I remember was that our upstairs was freezing all winter. We had goats and we children hated it. We quit celebrating Christmas when I was very young. And became much plainer in our dress.

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